Wednesday, January 12, 2011

terrible + horrible

ok.. today i learnt a lot but b4 dat, assalamualaikum.. hopefully everyone that will accidentally read my babbling is in good condition and having and experiencing better day than YESTERDAY.. what gone be by gone, and for us, we just look forward achieve infinite oppurtunity out there. And never stop cause those who stop and whining over past time is loser. Just use and benefit from what had happened yesterday or even last few seconds in your life. Well, for a Muslim, there's no such thing like new year resolution , this doesn't mean Muslim empire didnt create calendar(sigh...) but for Muslim that every morning wake up to continue their journey as a servant of the most ultimate powerful that has no enemy.. every day is like a new year, new resolution, like being reborn. Of course, just by taubat nasuha, Allah promises those who ask for his forgiveness, when He forgave us, we will be like being reborn or like a new baby. Subhanallah. I fell thankful and delighted because being able to breath as Muslim. Alhamdulillah.

Today, lots of new things I learnt. Today class's lessons were great with very GREAT teachers and i just found that miracle today. Thank God. Its all started when the english teacher said something touched me .Why when we discussed the exam question, we were able in attempting the answers but still our marks were devastated. She told us every time before she went bed, she thought bout us. Why this happened to us. She's really certain that every single of us able to get 7 for our english HL(IB students' matter) only if we are not careless. CARELESS!!!! nightmare for every students, only if we be more focus and read calmly the exam text passage, we insyAllah will attain 7. no time of worrying!!! be better every second in our life.. Might be when we improve, we are still far far away from the right track with the "geniuses" , but as long as we improve even little it's a ultimate success. Believe in yourself, then only Allah can help you..

Till then,

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